Meet the founder of Black Sheep Straight Shooter

About me

Hi I’m Greg, and welcome to Black Sheep Sharp Shooter, a place where I am helping others make some seriously positive breakthroughs in life recently though the Freedom From Self Sabotage program. I also love bringing out the best in all types of shooters with their shooting endeavours, drawing on my own successes over nearly 20 years.

Why I decided to become a FFSS coach

I wasn’t happy with where things were heading for me, lack of progress, then decided to do something about it. I myself was a client of a Freedom From Self Sabotage Coach and loved the message. I thought ‘I can do that’ and soon started on my own journey with Freedom From Self Sabotage Coaching (FFSSC) qualification.

I lost faith in conventional medicine and healing after having some of my own health concerns. Recently seeing how other peoples faith in mainstream healing has declined, I can now share the lessons of my own journey. You can truly heal yourself through mindset, education, informed choices, connection and healthy habits. Freeing yourself of self sabotage is a huge key in the journey. I am a big fan of discovering and rectifying causes, rather than treating symptoms. Perception is reality and I now know how to self care.

As a competitive shooter

As a shooter I have been involved with IPSC Pistol, SSAA Long Range Precision, Metallic Silhouette, 3P,
Field Rifle, Practical, Precision Rifle Series Australia PRS, NRAA F-Class, International cross country – find the target shoot it competitions overseas on multiple occasions, Infantry Rifleman AASAM, and Australian Bowhunting Association Bowhunter Unlimited class and 3DAA.

As a shooter I always wanted to know how I would ‘stack up’ against my peers, which led to me becoming more focused on outcome rather than performance. This meant I became more and more competitive (a good thing), proficient and on the podium but it took away from the journey. I started to lose the joy. I took a break from competitive shooting, hunt a lot more now and compete without scoring. This is simply a way of self correcting as I matured as a shooter. I love doing drills and shoot as often as I can. I love the artificial stress of drills and competition and this makes me very level headed and in control at the moment of truth out field. I rarely ‘get in a flap’ on the gun, am very deliberate and always rise to the occasion under stress.

I am heavily into the mental game of marksmanship and have a lot to offer new and seasoned shooters
alike. Until you have started to move away from Self Sabotage tendencies, you will never realise your potential. You are so much more capable than you give yourself credit for – just get out of your own way. I can help show you the way.

FFSS Certified