Short reads to get you to start taking action.

Good eggs

It had been quite a long time since I had competed in shooting competition, but a friend asked me to come along for an egg shoot, 100y, 200y, 300y with .22LR rifle on a full-bore

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Hard core

There is a lot of personal growth in doing hard things. For me it has shown me my weaknesses in a constructive and motivational way time after time as the years have gone by. It

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Zen in Hunting

I had heard on a podcast a long time ago about breathwork benefits and extreme feats of mind over matter through guys like Wimhof bringing the skill to the public in recent times. That led

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Good trips – Guided mediation

Recently I went along to a guided meditation session, mainly out of curiosity but also to have some quiet time for myself and a new experience. After a busy day at work, the guide hosted

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Cold Face

In a recent outdoor community connection session, I was asked “Who are you”? This was deliberately asked as a part of the experience, one on one with another participant you only just met. The stranger

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