Zen in Hunting

I had heard on a podcast a long time ago about breathwork benefits and extreme feats of mind over matter through guys like Wimhof bringing the skill to the public in recent times. That led me to searching out an audiobook I have listened to a few times now – Breath, by James Nestor. It […]

Good trips – Guided mediation

Recently I went along to a guided meditation session, mainly out of curiosity but also to have some quiet time for myself and a new experience. After a busy day at work, the guide hosted a small group at a nice space in a quiet old house with high ceilings and a gas log fire. […]

Cold Face

In a recent outdoor community connection session, I was asked “Who are you”? This was deliberately asked as a part of the experience, one on one with another participant you only just met. The stranger would later have their own personal response, I think more a reflection of how meaningful your own answers were. Well […]

What’s in a Name? The story behind Black Sheep Straight Shooter

Toward the end of primary school and all through high school my nickname was Lamby. Some primary school friends still call me Lamby today, 30 years on. This nickname came about due to my very tight curly blonde hair that looked like lambs wool when I was about 12. I had a few friends put […]